The Value of Time

The Value of Time

When we think of the things in our lives that have value to us, monetary or otherwise, we come up with lists that include family, relationships, business, property, retirement assets, education, health, etc.  But consider that none of those things would have any value at all if there was no TIME to invest in them or enjoy them.  The most valuable thing you “own” is time, and often the thing you value the least.

We evaluate the worth of a thing based on the available supply and the demand for it; and the greater the demand, and lower the supply, the more valuable that thing becomes.  Every day there is demand for your time, sometimes heavy demand, and from the day you are born (the day you are conceived really) there is a limited amount of time you have to live your life…nobody can say how much time you will have for sure, but it cannot be disputed that you will run out of time and that your physical life will end one day.  Time is limited and demand is high.

So how much do you value the demand on your time?  Do you give it away cheaply?  Do you allow others to use up your time and take advantage of that limited precious resource for little or nothing in return?

I’m not advocating for selfishness, being generous with your time (which is the same as saying being generous literally with your life) is noble and often rewarding, but I AM saying don’t squander your time and more importantly don’t let others use up your time cheaply!  Because given the chance there are many people, jobs, organizations, enterprises, diversions and activities that will do just that, and it’s up to you to keep the ledger balanced and ensure you “charge” accordingly for the time you choose to give.

Just a thought.

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